ABOUT MY SPACE: “Sometimes I think that MySpace is really good for the bands, when you really think about it, you notice that everybody is really positive on this media. But thatsa nice way to see how people react to the songs, even if alot of them react more aboutthe pictures you show... But,in opposite to magazines and classical medias, on MySpaceyou are really connected to the people who wants to listento your music. They can easily contact you, thats very exciting. We found a lot of gigs by MySpace, and we are contacted everyday by a lot of people, thats really nice." DORIAN

FASHION INFLUENCES: “Not really, but I love retro stuff from the 40s and the 50s and my absolute favorite designer when it comes to shoes is Marc Jacobs, and a part from thata pair of nice fitting jeans like a pair of high waist. Acnecan never be wrong.” JOHANNA “I like it when its simple.” DORIAN

BRAZILIAN MUSIC:Cibelle, and some classics like Maria Creuza, Stan Getz and João Gilberto” JOHANNA “When i was a teenager, i was fan of Sepultura.” DORIAN

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  1. gostei cara
    parece sei la musica velha uiahiua
    as vozinhas sao massa
    eh bem segadow =)